How to install Themes in WordPress

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In my last post, we learnt to install WordPress and successfully installed WordPress. Now, Let us move on to the next step, Theme Installation

Let see,

How to install a theme in wordpress?

    Step 1 : select Appearance–>Theme–>Add New

    In the above picture left hand side we find APPEARANCE tab, keep your cursor on it. It shows some options in that select “Theme” Option.(refer the following images)

    Then select Add New

    Step 2: Install a theme

    We can upload a theme in plenty of ways,
    By using search, Upload, Featured, Recently Updated and Newest options.
    So, we can use any of this options to install a theme in WordPress

    Let see, one by one

    1.Using Search option

    Here, we can upload themes in two ways,
    1. Search for themes by keyword.(keyword may be a tag, author name,theme name etc.,)
    2. Feature Filter(Find a theme based on specific features.)

    In the above image, we searched themes using “keyword” and it listed everything which is related to that “keyword”
    Now, we choose any one of the theme and click “Install now–>Activate“.

    Thus, theme installed successfully using Search option.

    2.Using Upload option

    • Click “Upload–>Choose File”
    • Upload a Zip format file and then click “Install now–>Activate

    3.Using Featured, Newest and Recently Updated

    • When we click this options it shows many themes which depends on the category(Featured, Newest and Recently Updated).
    • choose any one of the theme and click “Install now–>Activate

    Thus, we have Successfully installed theme in WordPress.
    Hope this may be helpful.
    Any doubts, Leave comment..
    Thanks for reading..

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