Wish to identify innovative Indian software companies working on the latest in social media technologies and applications? Talk to ITNext team @ Geeks.Gallery

India today has thousands of small firms having excellent expertise to develop software and solutions for the latest and emerging technologies related to social media applications. These companies are led by creative individuals and the small teams thus have the unique blend of both innovation and flexibility, in addition to very quick response times.

If you are getting software development done in India in social media applications, why outsource it to the mega-large firms, who might charge you a lot more and not have the creativity or flexibility that smaller software firms in India have?

You would really like to do that, wouldn’t you?

But the challenge for you is that it would be difficult for you to:

  1. Identify such firms, and
  2. Be confident that they can deliver quality and reliability, along with creativity and a good price

This is where the ITNext team comes in.

The ITNext team, part of the Geeks.Gallery team, works with a number of small but creative Indian IT firms having expertise to develop high quality stuff in the following domains

  • Mobile apps
  • Social Media apps
  • Cloud computing development – for all platforms viz., AWS, Azure, Salesforce…
  • E-commerce solutions
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Analytics
  • Video software
  • Emerging domains such as advanced robotics, wearables, 3D printers, sensors, activity trackers, smart health, home automation and more.

As we are based out of India, and are comprised of professionals who have a unique blend of management expertise and IT industry knowledge, we identify small-medium high quality software firms having expertise in specific domains and nurture them to get client and grow their business.

So, if you are someone keen on working with small but innovative software companies working in the latest IT domains, send a note to us with the following brief inputs, and we will ensure you start working with a real good company, fast

Do send in brief inputs for the following.

Send the inputs to itnext@geeks.gallery . We look forward to assisting you identify a terrific Indian IT co to work with.

In puts required to kick off the discussion (Fill in whatever you can at this stage, don’t worry if you need to skip something, we can take care of this later!)

  • Name of your firm:
  • Country and city:
  • Which domain/expertise do you wish to have the software developed for? Brief key words are enough
  • What is the end use for the application? Brief details are enough at this stage.
  • What is the expected duration of the project? Or, how quickly would you like the development to get done in (# of days, # of weeks…)
  • Your name:
  • Your email:
  • Your phone number:
  • Co web site:

Send the above details to itnext@geeks.gallery and we will get in touch with you soon enough.