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Sanjeev Shrivastava


Here we go, with our second geek showcased @ Geeks.Gallery. Thanks to Karthik, the first ever geek to be showcased here, for referring me to Sanjeev. And to Sanjeev, for answering all my (sometimes dumb) questions patiently and in detail

Name: Sanjeev Shrivastava
City: Bhopal
Age: 25
Been a geek since: 2010

Brief Background

By education, I am a computer science engineer and by choice I am a tech blogger at InfoTuts. After my college I joined an MNC and started working for it. I worked on MSBI (Microsoft Business Intelligence) but there’s a thing about web that has always fascinated me, so I resigned and started to work on things I wanted to do. Now I am focusing more on web technologies, its amazing to see how fast things are changing and you have to adapt those changes quickly and keep rolling on. I always feel working alone is boring and you are restricted to do few things, so now I have got 3 awesome teammates and now we work as a team. Hope in coming years we will come up with something cool.

This year, I have also developed some interest in Photography so usually on weekends you can find me fiddling with my camera and clicking photographs in some worth visiting places in Bhopal 😀


1. Is there any specific instance that motivated you to get into technology/geekdom?

No, not any specific instance. Technology has always facinated me. The zeal to know how things work keeps me active and inspires me to learn more.

2. What are the tech areas that you are focussing right now?

In coming year I aspire to be a good Web Guy. I keep on learning new things and try to develop new skills. Currently I use PHP, JS , HTML5, CSS3 on a daily basis. On my list I have Angular JS and Go lang to learn and develop something using these.

3. Can you tell us about any unique or interesting tech projects that you implemented?

We (with my team) recentlly developed a mock draft simulator of Footbal players for a client. It was really interesting and we are proud that we did it.

4. What are the main tech challenges you would like to work on?

I would like to work on anything that could bring a change or at least throws something back at me to learn.

5. What has been your best tech moment?

Well, there have been multiple occasions when I felt like “Yay… We did it”. A small thing that happened few weeks back, when one of reader at InfoTuts contacted us for a bug fix and enhancement in his project. It was built on “kurogo platform” that we were not familiar with, but as he had no one to work on it so we decided to give it a try. Just few hours of brainstorming and again we did it. The client was more than happy. It’s one of the moment we really enjoyed.

6. Do you have a role model or someone who you aspire to be?

I follow many people, the list is actually huge. I learn from them and try to be better at what I do. Talking about role model, Mark Zuckerberg it is. I truly praise the vision he has for connecting the world and making it a better place.

7. What is your tech working style? Do you sit and work for hours together, or do you do short spurts of work?

Usually I work continuously for hours, just to tell you I have my office setup at my Home and I really like this. It saves a lot of time commuting to office (I used to do it and I know the pain). I mostly prefer bean bags over desks as its comfortable to sit and work for long hours.

8. What technologies do you think will change the world in the next five years?

I think 3D printing is the one that would surely impact massively, just imagine to have your digital design forged as a real life product at low cost. Then Google Glass is the one that would bring a change. Also I read about SmartThings, and I feel it would change the world into a smarter place to live.

9. What would be your suggestions or advise to others who wish to achieve something in the tech field?

Keep learning ! Even the smallest thing done by you impacts your life, learn from it and move. Create small things to learn as learning by doing is the only thing that would help. I also like a quote as it says “Don’t Compare Your Chapter ONE.. to Someone Else’s Chapter 20!”

10. If you would like to change only one, AND ONLY ONE, thing in the world, what would that be?

Being a tech guy you would expect me to answer this question relating to the technology, but if I could change only one thing then I would want every one in this planet should have enough to eat.

11. Geeks are thought to have little social life, though that stereotype is not really true for everyone! Do you have a social life, and if yes, what does that generally comprise?

Yes Yes!! I do have a social life and its good. I value all the people in my life. I agree to the fact that most of the people in tech world work on weekends and on weekdays also the working hours are normally 9-10 hours, but it hardly matters when you love the work you do.


Sanjeev, thank you once again for spending time with us, and here’s all of us from Geeks.Gallery wishing you the very best in your geek career and life – Narasimhan

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Cofounder & Director at EAI, a cleantech firm. Also cofounded Geeks.Gallery, along with my tech team who are developing some cool apps in the domains of cleantech and sustainable health.

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