Geeks Gallery Showcase – Karthikeyan K, Founder of W3Lessons and a Never-Say-Die Geek


K Karthikeyan @ Geeks Gallery Showcase

Quick Bio

  • Name: K Karthikeyan
  • City: Chennai, India
  • Age: 28
  • Been a geek since: As long as he could remember

I have known Karthikeyan (Karthik) for a while. Now, that’s a dilution of facts – Karthik was one of the first geeks I recruited in my company . We worked together for what must have been about 5 years.

It was real cool working with him, because this chap is quite passionate about tech. Really.

And he is kind of restless – likes to do something all the time, and appears he has an entrepreneurial streak in him.

That’s a potent combination – tech passion + entrepreneurial.

Expect to see him somewhere on top quite soon.

Karthik’s blog W3Lessons was also featured as one of India’s top blogs recently.

All these led me to think: Who better to be the first geek to be featured in the Geeks Gallery Showcase.

Here we go.

OK Karthik, I know you well. But for the benefit of the audience, why don’t you tell me something about your background and how came to be a geek.

Myself Karthikeyan K, Founder @ I am a computer science engineer who has always loved to learn new technologies. My interest for Internet Technologies began as early as my graduation period, when I created web portals for my kith and kin. By means of trial and error methods I mastered HTML5 techniques in appreciably quick time frame. Utilizing my existing skills, I learnt the essential techniques in my field and I am always updating myself with recent industry developments to be in par with emerging IT developments.

Tell us what excites you about technology?

Any good technology saves time and gives us more personal space. For example, a decade ago we would spend hours shopping, but it isn’t the same scenario today. We are just a click away from be it foods (groceries, pizzahut), shopping (flipkart), and hangouts (skype, whatsapp, fb)

What are the tech areas that you are focussing right now?

1. Web Technologies
2. PHP
3. HTML5
4. Angular JS
5. ROR
6. jQuery
7. Cloud

Can you tell us about any unique or interesting tech projects that you implemented? – This is a web technology blog owned by me where you can learn a to z on php, jquery, html5, and css3. My blog has been awarded as one of the most popular blogs in India

What are the main tech challenges you would like to work on?

An app I would like to work on is a GPS tracking system for mobile contacts – such an app will fetch all the contacts from my directory and will show the exact location of the required contact on map within a stipulated diameter of distance from my mobile.

What has been your best tech moment?

The tool I developed in my previous company VERIZON improved the productivity of the product that earned me ‘On-spot Ovation award’.

Do you have a role model or someone who you aspire to be?

Steve Jobs – A man who neither stepped into a college, nor had a proper education but made himself a mark by creating one of the most wanted Tech Gadget.

What is your tech working style? Do you sit and work for hours together, or do you do short spurts of work?

I prefer to work for hours together alone at the nights because that leaves me focused without any distraction and I find myself crazy and creative at the midnight hours.

What technologies do you think will change the world in the next five years?

Technologies like Whatsapp Calling can bring down all the mobile networks in a couple of years.

What would be your suggestions or advise to others who wish to achieve something in the tech field?

Great things always happen by doing many small things. We really dont know which among these small things will turn out BIG.

It’s true that Little efforts everyday will make you PROUD one day.

Thank you very much, Karthik. And all the best!

Narasimhan Santhanam

Co-founder at Geeks Gallery and EAI
Cofounder & Director at EAI, a cleantech firm. Also cofounded Geeks.Gallery, along with my tech team who are developing some cool apps in the domains of cleantech and sustainable health.
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