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Random Image viewer using AngularJS

In this post I will explain about creating random image viewer using AngularJS. Click here to

Building your first AngularJS app – Shopping list

In this post, I will explain about creating a simple shopping list reminder tool using AngularJS.

How to use Cookies in AngularJS

Using cookies in AngularJS is pretty simple. We can store the information in AngularJS cookies and

Changing HTML styles in AngularJS Dynamically

Hello Readers, I would like to explain how to add styles to HTML elements dynamically in

How to export data as CSV from database in CodeIgniter

In CodeIgniter we can export data easily from database as CSV using a library called dbutil.

CodeIgniter File Upload and Validation

Hello Readers, I would like to explain how to upload files to server in CodeIgniter and

How to display tooltip on hover text using jQuery & Css

Hello readers, Since this is my first post on Jquery let me describe you all what

How to add Google Custom Search Engine in your website

Hi Everyone, In this blog post i am going brief how include custom google search in

How to select multiple values from HTML select box and access it in PHP

Hello Readers, I would to write a blog on selecting multiple values from a select box.

CodeIgniter Form Validation – Setting Rules, Setting Error Messages and Repopulating Form

Hello Readers, I would like to write a blog on CodeIgniter form validation. Form validation on
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