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Horizontal and Circular Progress Bar in Android

Hello Readers, I would like to write about Progress Bar in android. Progress Bar is used

Integrating Facebook like and share with Callback function

Hello Readers, Consider you have a situation where you have to include Facebook like and share

AngularJS – Introduction

Hello Readers, I would like to write something I learnt recently about AngularJS. AngularJS is a

Working with Calendar in CodeIgniter

Hello Readers, I would like to write about working with calendars in CodeIgniter. We use dates

How to Remove index.php from CodeIgniter URL

Hello Readers, CodeIgniter will add index.php to URL after the base url. For example, if your

CodeIgniter – automatically make url and email as hyperlink

Hello Readers, We might have seen plain text get converted to hypertext when we type it.

CodeIgniter – Inflector Helper

As I mentioned earlier about CodeIgniter helpers, I would like to explain about “Inflector Helper”. This

CodeIgniter – How to add captcha to your website

Hello Readers, I mentioned earlier that CodeIgniter has lot of built-in libraries and helpers. One such

Android – Display Images inside Textview

Hello Readers, While designing we may get a situation where we may have to display a

CodeIgniter – Working with Database

Hello Readers, I would like to write about database connection in CodeIgniter and how to insert
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