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Views & View Events | Android

Hello everybody,   In this post, we are going to discuss on classes that Android provides

Intent Class | Android

INTENT CLASS Hello all, Today we are going to focus on the intent class in android.

Android Activity Lifecycle Methods

Hello readers, Today’s let focus more on the life cycle methods of an activity and get

Android Activity Class

ACTIVITY Activities are the primary class for interacting with users. Activity interacts with the user by

How to display tooltip on hover text using jQuery & Css

Hello readers, Since this is my first post on Jquery let me describe you all what

Find Nth element in a linked list

Hello readers, This post is on finding the Nth node in a linked list. Linked list

Simple Calculator app using Jquery

Thanks to a friend who helped me get along with jquery. Though I’m a beginner, I

Reversing alternate K elements in a linked list

Hi guys, The more we work , the more confident we will be. This post is on

Mirror of a Binary Tree

Mirror of a binary tree Well, one thing that always fascinates me when it comes to

Change the favicon in your website

Hello everyone! This post will help you people to change the favicon of your website in
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