Audio Overlap

This blog is about how to overlap two audio files using HTML. It’s not about exactly overlapping of two audio files like what audacity done to us. But somehow similar to it, just going to link two audio files simultaneously so it sounds one audio file overlapped (we can hear both audios at a time) into another.

Let See how it can be done,

<!DOCTYPE html>
<audio controls mediagroup=”a”>
<source src=”/″ type=”audio/mpeg”>
<audio controls mediagroup=”a”>
<source src=”/″ type=”audio/mpeg”>

Here,used a predefiend property “Mediagroup” to start the files simultaneously.

Its links multiple audio files at a time(by grouping those files under a “same group name”)

This can be also done for “video”, Read More

Hope this may helpful for you.

Thanks for reading

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