60 Hot Startups in Tech To Watch in 2015 – Wow, what a list! Software, wearables, IoT, Smartphone Apps, Ecommerce and more

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It’s been a while since I have come across such a huge list of emerging tech startups, there are 60+ listed in this report.

While most of them are in the tech space, there are some cool non-tech startups as well.

In fact, it is the diversity of startups across diverse domains that makes the list really interesting – software & cloud stuff of course, but also medicine/health, art, music, education, household work (yes, you can do an exciting startup even in this!) and then up and above, satellite launches.

Here is the list of startups and very brief hint of what each does. Please visit the actual report page for more.

Here we go.

  • Ad Yapper – Tracks display and mobile ads
  • Affectiva – Possesses the world’s largest database of emotion analytics
  • Alfred – Your personal butler to take care of your weekly errands.
  • Appointy – Online scheduling software
  • Blinkist – summary of insights from nonfiction books
  • Bowery – Allows developers to set up coding environments within a minute
  • Bringg – SaaS and mobile-based platform to show customers where their order currently is in real-time.
  • Canva – making designing easy
  • Carwow – Gives customers an excellent experience throughout the entire car buying process.
  • Casper – Making it easy to buy mattress online.
  • Clarity – Marketplace that connects entrepreneurs with top advisers & industry experts.
  • CloudFlare – Solutions for security and Web-performance niche.
  • Cratejoy – All-in-one platform, contains a website builder, a subscription builder, and cool reporting tools.
  • Cyber Dust – Helps you keep your online messages safe
  • Curbside – The app lets users order from Target stores, and have them ready when they drive up to a store
  • Crypho – Secure, end-to-end encrypted, communications channel
  • DAQRI – Creates augmented reality experiences for companies.
  • Doctor on Demand – Virtual medical practice with online office visits.
  • DOTS – New type of gaming studio, comes from the producers of the hit game Dots.
  • Eko Devices – Next generation medical devices, specifically stethoscopes.
  • Electric Objects – Displays the art of the Internet in your home.
  • Ello – social network for artists and designers
  • Exotel – Intelligent cloud telephony analytics
  • Fits.me – Virtual fitting room
  • Flip Board – OK, this is not exactly new, still. A great way to read social networks, publications and blogs combined on smartphones esp.
  • Fuel3D – Handheld 3D scanners for use in 3D modelling applications.
  • Fullscreen – A global YouTube network.
  • Go Tinder – Edgy mobile dating app that lets users browse for potential suitors.
  • Gimlet Media – Gimlet Media is a network of narrative podcasts
  • Ginger.io – big data for patient care
  • Hampton Creek – Wants to make eggs obsolete; released an eggless mayonnaise recently.
  • Headspace – learn meditation online
  • Instacart – Order groceries from phone or web.
  • iSwimband – A headband that alerts the parent if a child accidentally falls in water
  • Kabam – Online payments
  • Kytabu – digitizes textbooks and allows users to buy portions on mobile platforms.
  • MallforAfrica – Service that allows people to order products from retailers in the US and in Africa to be delivered to their home.
  • Metamind – Artificial Intelligence solutions for enterprises, powered by deep learning (DL).
  • MIC – A media company for the millennials
  • Nimble – Web-based CRM solution
  • Nuzzel – Social news aggregator.
  • Open Care – A network and exchange forum of more than 7,000 health providers and almost 4 million patients.
  • Postmates – Enabling small retailers get sophisticated ecomm technology.
  • Pure Storage – Keeping the world’s growing array of data centers humming affordably.
  • Role Point – Social recruiting software.
  • Satellogic – Aims to build a constellation of nano-satellites to image any spot on earth every few minutes.
  • Science – Nurtures new start-ups and helps established Internet companies grow.
  • SendUs – Runs a video submission and management platform for brands.
  • Simpolfy – an online platform to catalyse democracy
  • Slack – A communication and chat app for businesses and workplaces
  • Smart Things – Provides tools to help users connect their homes to their smartphones.
  • Spire – activity tracker
  • Spring – A mobile marketplace.
  • Tango – Skype challenger Tango.
  • Thingful.net – A search engine for the connected devices
  • Thumb It – Get and give feedback in virtually every area of life
  • TopLine – Mobile platform for fantasy sports and social gaming.
  • We Are Pop Up – Helps tenants to find and rent their ideal pop up space quickly and easily.
  • Wearable Experiments – Bringing together fashion and technology with a functional design aesthetic.
  • WeWork – Shared office space
  • Wish – A mobile shopping startup offering customizations.
  • Yik Yak – A gossip app that works by letting users post anything they want, anonymously (see also: Whisper.sh)

Narasimhan Santhanam

Co-founder at Geeks Gallery and EAI
Cofounder & Director at EAI, a cleantech firm. Also cofounded Geeks.Gallery, along with my tech team who are developing some cool apps in the domains of cleantech and sustainable health.

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