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ListView using SimpleAdapter in Android

In this blog post, I would like explain how to populate ListView using SimplaAdapter. 1. Create a

Simple Calculator app using Jquery

Thanks to a friend who helped me get along with jquery. Though I’m a beginner, I

Reversing alternate K elements in a linked list

Hi guys, The more we work , the more confident we will be. This post is on

Mirror of a Binary Tree

Mirror of a binary tree Well, one thing that always fascinates me when it comes to

Working with Calendar in CodeIgniter

Hello Readers, I would like to write about working with calendars in CodeIgniter. We use dates

How to install Themes in WordPress

Hello everybody, In my last post, we learnt to install WordPress and successfully installed WordPress. Now,

How to Remove index.php from CodeIgniter URL

Hello Readers, CodeIgniter will add index.php to URL after the base url. For example, if your

TabActivity in Android

In this blog post, I would like to explain how to create Tab in Android using

Change the favicon in your website

Hello everyone! This post will help you people to change the favicon of your website in

Multiple Checkbox values in listview storing & retrieving using sharedpreferences

In this blog post, I would like explain how to store multiple checkbox values from the
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