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Animation to Image

It is interesting to give animation to an image. We can animate an image in a

.htaccess – Directory listing

Consider you have a bunch of files in your directory called uploads, it may have zip

Top 10 PHP Tips for Developers

Hello Readers, I recently went through this article, and found it interesting. Those who are beginners

Now unlock your car with GoogolPlex

Some interesting articles I have read Now unlock your car with GoogolPlex Wireless charger How to

.htaccess – Deny visitors by IP address

The visitor blocking facilities offered by the Apache Web Server enable us to deny access to

Upload Image to Server

In this blog post, I will explain how to upload a file or an image to

.htaccess – password protection

The main advantage of using .htaccess is to protect access to directories. When you have a

.htaccess – Creating error pages

When creating a website, you may need to create custom error pages. For instance, when a

Simple Linked List Creation

This post is about one of the most interesting and challenging data structure “linked list” Let

Get Random Number From Array without Repetition

In this blog post, I would like to explain how to get a random number from
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